Poker King Pro Bouncy Swede - Trampoline Man, Medieval Wars Strategy Tactics, Bouncy Seed, Bouncy Ball, Happy Jump
Bouncy Swede
This game is about the life in the Medieval days, where wars and strategy and tactics are a must!
In this game, you are bouncy Swede and you are here to free the medieval people from the the conquerors
So how do you play this very nice game?
Simple, just make sure Bouncy Swede don't fall off the ground
by drawing a magic trampoline below him when he makes his mega jump moves.

- Drawing the trampoline with your finger brings excitement
- Amazing lucid and vibrant colors to appreciate the medieval period
- Upbeat sound effects to get the fun on while playing
- Create a healthy competition and ask your friends to beat your score
- Free for a limited period of time, so download now.

The story of bouncy Swede is quite heroic, as the strongest man on the village he is tasked to protect the town from thieves and monsters.
Since bouncy Swede is often call the trampoline man because of his ability to jump high like a bouncy ball, most of these conquerors are terrified to face him. During the day, when all is well he gathers barrels of food and waters for the towns people, that his noble act becomes a delightful tale to tell that everybody praises him everywhere he goes.
A guardian by night and a food gatherer by day, Bouncy Swede makes the medieval times just so swell!

This is our ode to the brave and mighty Bouncy Swede. We sure hope you enjoy this game!
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