Poker King Pro HARBOR MANAGER - BOAT PARKING HD, Flight Control, Air Control Lite, harbor control, Ship Control
This air control inspired game is not your ordinary ship and boat control game!
Harbor Manager is all about playing with accuracy and focus.
So how exactly do you play this game?
With your finger, draw an air trail where you can control the incoming boat and direct them to the docking site.
Make sure that you guide them properly so that the boats won't collide in the harbor.
This may sound easy but with a racing boat, a turbo boat and a yatch and cruise ship to control all together all at once it is going to be one tough task!

Strengths of our Harbor Manager:
- Realistic HD boat for driving and parking
- Different locations in driving and parking the incoming ships.
- Cool refreshing island palette of colours.
- Better than flight control games.
- Gives excitement of finger 'glide' control.
- One missed trail control and the game is over
- Harbor Manager does not require ultra permissions, it only requires internet connection and wake lock permissions, you can verify this with a trusted Anti Malware, in other words, our game is SAFE to download and enjoy!

The background of this story is quite simple. Being an experienced and long time flight and air control expert, you decided to change course and do boat parking instead. In no time, you were hired as an harbor manager in an island destination where you are tasked to secure the order in parking and docking the incoming ships and boats. You then realize that being flight controller is a totally different job as doing ship control, but with perseverance and much discipline, you were able to rise to the challenge of being a top harbor control manager.
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