Poker King Pro Rollerblade Ape - Blast Monkeys, Racing Monkey, Monkey Skater, Bunny Skater, Stickman Skater
Rollerblade Ape
Get your awesome monkeys on the blast! Rollerblade Ape is here to give your some monkey madness in the jungle!
This monkey skater is all speed, technique and agility! This skater of a monkey is faster than the bunny, so better be quick in grabbing all the banana goodies here in the jungle.

So how do you exactly play this monkey skater game?
This cool ape begins with a rollerblade then as you power-up from rollerblades to skates to motorcycles, you will experience different levels of difficulty. Just make sure that you don't miss a banana along the way so you can get through the different levels!
Be a daring hero and jump as high as a bunny can through the huge gaps and complete the mission. Once you complete the mission you will be the king of the jungle! Prove that you have the blast to become the monkey hero! Impress the stickman, with your skater skill and everyone will bow down to your racing monkey ability!

Rollerblade Ape Game Features:
- Intuitive to play and control!
- Fun and addictive to play!
- Different levels of modes!
- Brilliant HD 3D graphics!
- Awesome sound and background!
- The finger swipe control give excitement!
- Create a friendly competitive environment by playing with friends through the games online sharing interface!

It's time to get skating and stop monkey-ing around!
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