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Sudoka Puzzle
Sudoka Puzzle is not just fun but makes you smart.
This number puzzle game is all about analysis and focus.
So how do you play this mind-boggling game?
Well, first and foremost, use the counting principles to solve the puzzles. Since you already know that you can't have the same number in any row, column, or nine-square block, you can use that to help you get a number. The difficulty depends on the placement of the numbers given to you.
Seek "definites". When solving an easy Sudoka, the first thing you should do is look for definites. Looking for the definites can make you a master. Definites are numbers that are definitely going to be there. Starting at 1, draw imaginary lines through boxes in that 1's row and/or column. When there is only one box left in the 3x3 box, you know that is a definite.
Work your way through the number until 9.
To totally enjoy this super fun free game, follow this tip, look again when stuck. If you get stuck, go back and make sure to look at everything. It is almost guaranteed you missed something. That one number is usually all you need to get going again.
Once you have completed the whole column and row with the appropriate number, you win the game!
So are you ready to take the challenge now?
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